Manage all your key business operations in a single integrated system.

ERP: An enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) is an information system that incorporates enterprise-wide internal and external information systems into a single unified solution.


ERP systems integrate the software, hardware and network resources essential for building an enterprise resource planning (ERP) information system solution. ERP systems aim to streamline business processes.

ERP Trends

Mobile ERP

Cloud ERP

Benefits a client should look for

Improved responsiveness

Enhanced organizational flexibility

Improved decision-making capabilities

Alignment with business strategy

What our Customer say about Us

The cloud nature of the CRM really helped us achieve our business goals although we had multiple stakeholders spread across multiple geography.

Rubin Thoman
Madhura Micro Finanace

Our traditional drug inventory management system had lacunas, which were effectively overcome by EasyCloud.

Dr. Devraj
Niloufer Hospital

The CRM solution offered by EasyCloud is of high quality. It ensures every enquiry is brought to logical end, failure is analyzed, which is not possible in manual systems.

Sameer Bajaj
BioKemix Worldwide

The ERP helps us to deliver OTIF (On Time In Full) by automating the process and making it less human dependent.

Ravi Shankar
Sri Padmaraj jewellers

EasyCloud really understood our business process and rapidly helped us deploy a lean inventory system, significantly increasing our ROI.

Shankar Rao
My Health Pharma

Who Are We?

        With more than 50 years of cumulative experience, Saksham has established itself in the market with high regard for quality assurance and customer satisfaction for successful ERP implementation.

        A team of highly qualified individuals with 20 years of experience in manufacturing and IT work in collaboration to understand customer requirements and their business needs to provide a strategic solution.

        We not only provide an ERP, we provide strategic consultancy which moulds your business towards an efficient and profitable direction.

Process Offering


      Finance and Accounting

      Inventory Management

      HR & Payroll

      Manufacturing Management

      Quality Management

      Product Design

      Project Management

      Add ons

Our Domain Expertise

Manage the following with the one of the most flexible, adaptable, simple, secure, reliable ERP


  1.     Make
  2.     Produce
  3.     Mass
  4.     Build
  5.     Construct

  Supply Chain

  1.     Lead Time
  2.     After Market
  3.     Customer Service
  4.     Arrival
  5.     Departure
  6.     Tracking

  Human Resource

  1.     Hiring
  2.     Administration
  3.     Training of Staff


  1.     Drug Expiration Control
  2.     Inventory Control
  3.     Real time sales analysis

  Project Management

  1.     Structure
  2.     Building
  3.     Edifice
  4.     Assembly
  5.     Pile
  6.     Framework


  1.     Deal
  2.     Transaction
  3.     Bargain
  4.     Disposal


  1.     Procure
  2.     Obtain
  3.     Update

  Customer Service

  1.     Assistance
  2.     Advice
  3.     Serve


  1.     Judge
  2.     Adjudge
  3.     Count
  4.     Deem
  5.     Rate
  6.     Gauge
  7.     Interpret


  1.     List
  2.     Catalogue
  3.     Record
  4.     Register
  5.     Make list of
  6.     File
  7.     Tally